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Installation problems - Harddrive


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I recently bought a new laptop (Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5355).


Some purpose of this buy was to use it as a dualboot Vista/ Osx (Leopard or Tiger doesn't matter which)

but I'm having big problems installing Leopard. I've tried 2-3 different versions and not a single one detects my harddrive.

If you Google the specs it's a "Intel Celeron 540" with SiSM672-chipset.


As I said, not one release detects my SATA-harddrive, and in the bios I can't setup so the mobo "fakes" that it's IDE.

I've searched many forums but haven't come up with an answer, but somewhere I read you can add extra drivers or something? Kext I believe it was called.

Is this a solution?


I don't care if I have to use Tiger or Leopard. Anyone of them is fine with me!


Anyone? Please? There have to be a solution this this..?

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