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Is there a 32-bit OS*86 10.5 (Leopard)?


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I want to install Leopard as a VMware guest operating system. I'm currenting running 64-bit Vista with a E2140 CPU that does not support VT (Virtualization Technology). But VMware Workstation requires that the CPU must support VT in order for a 64-bit guest OS to be installed sibe by side with the 64-bit host OS.


I know that 10.5 (Leopard) has 64-bit native support. I wonder if there is a reconfigured and revised 32-bit OS*86 10.5 (Leopard)version?


By the way, I don't want to repartition or reformat my physical hard disk drive or dual-boot two operating systems.


I have already successfully installed Mac OS Tiger 10.4.9 on my VMware Workstation. I also hear there is a beta 32-bit preview version for the upcoming Snow Leopard? Could you tell me where I can download a beta pre-release version for hobby preview only?

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