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Help for this Newbie anyone?


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Hey everyone,


I love Leopard and I want to build a partition for Leopard on my PC but am completely lost on the terminology and just the steps to install it. First let me tell you my specs:


Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

AMD 6000+ 64 dual core processor

4 GB Ram


NVIDIA 8800 GT Video Card


I downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2 and made a 75 gb partition on my hard drive and so far have booted from the kalyway disc but made it as far as to get to disk utility, then it sits there with the loading icon and freezes. I tried walking through the tutorials but am lost on how to get and use kernals and successfully installing Leopard. Am I missing any steps? any help would be much appreciated. THANK YOU!! :P :P :D

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