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trying to Revive a older Imac G4..Startup issues

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Hello all


I received a Imac G4 ( 800 ?? one mem slot ) , put a harddrive I had laying around into it that I know worked - Put a dvd drive into it I had laying around and with some happiness started up . At first , I had no chimes , just would boot to the Question mark /Folder icon . I tried booting into cd/dvd with no luck it just goes to folder/? , I tried booting from my Leopard/Tiger and OS9 cd's ... No luck .... After researching some forums and google'd for a night or 2 I found out how to reset my PRAM and NVRAM , After I did this I got chimes VERY COOL or so I thought .....I tried all the basics again ( held C , Tried selective startup ) same results.


When I choose to do a selective startup ( option key held ) It shows the OSX disc but when I choose it the CD spins then it just stays at the menu , After a minute or so I can then refresh and try to click the arrow again .... Just stays in a loop I guess


I then booted the Imac into target disk mode and used my macmini Intel to install leopard to the drive on the Imac and I could install and even Booted my macmini from it ...


Sooo aggravating ... I guess i'm starting to think its something major , Iv been a PC tech for about 8 years , i'm a novice to mac id say prob about a year ( Comp Tech / Contractor ) .... Any help would be Greatly Appreciated


Thank you guys again for the help

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1st: determine what you have.


2nd: update firmware (or check, it's like a bios on a PC)

Top left corner of screen, select the apple, choose "about this Mac", select "more info", firmware on computer displayed in the info box that opens, compare with what is available at Apple for your system.

3:put a harddrive I had laying around into it that I know worked

Depending on what you own there might be a size limitation, eg. 120m max, putting in a larger drive and accepting the downsize WILL bite you in the a55 later, so don't do it.

4:Put a dvd drive into it I had laying around

That won't "cut it" here, there is a fairly specific list of "Mac compatible" drives, that you MUST follow if you wish to boot from it. http://forums.xlr8yourmac.com/drivedb/search.drivedb.lasso

(Sony drives are usually a "foolproof" install)

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