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Issue with Chameleon Boot and Dual Display


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Thanks to all! I finally built my own hackintosh!

EP45 -DS3, Quad 9400, 4GB, MSI NX8500GT Card


Only took two tries!


I have a couple of minor issues.


1. During the boot process, Chameleon is always waiting for a Enter key. I had read that after 8 seconds, it should continue on and do the whole boot sequence. Its annoying because I'm using a bluetooth keyboard which is not present before Leopard kicks in.


2. I am running two displays with the main display on right side. After a reboot, my screen is always rearranged to default, meaning Main Monitor on the left, second monitor on the right. Is there a way to change the NVCAP so that the Dual DVI is the main output while the VGA out is the secondary?


Thanks Again!

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