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Kalyway 10.5.2 + Jmicron installed, however upon booting into OSX Freezing at Gray Apple logo Screen


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System specs:


Abit IP35 (similuar to -E, but with the ICHR9 controller like the Pro has)

Intel Q6600

4GB of RAM

MSI 8800 GT

Mbox2 via USB


Like hundreds of others, I have the jmicron IDE controller for my DVD drives. I patched the iso using the chameleon jmicron patch. I'm using a seperate 80GB drive for my install. OSX shows that it installs 'OK" with the big green check mark. I reboot my computer after, remove the dvd try to boot into OSX via Dual boot (already setup Chain0 in my boot ini). (FYI, I've tried all the kernals on the dvd and I get the some issue)


The OSX partition is of course found and attempts to load. All I see is a gray (or gray depending how you want to spell it) screen with a gray Apple logo in the middle. No error, no cursor, no dock, no terminal window, nothing else. Of course the rest of the os doesnt load and I have to power off the pc to do anything else.


I've read (and read and read, and read somemore) before posting, however I haven't found anything that seems to relate to my specific situation.


Is there anyone that can push me in the right direction?




nm, just for {censored} and giggles I unplugged my mbox and next thing you know OSX loaded :(


I'm now typing this from safari :D


Wish me luck in my other adventures

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