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ToHx86 10.5.0 Installation Error?


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Erm...I would like to ask about the main website for ToH and how can I install them...


Before we move on I'm sorry because I'm new here and I'm in a quite hurry because I got some error and I suppose to finish this problem soon..


because during the installation I caught up some frozen screen with nothing react and when I able to boot the dvd correctly I can't use my keyboard at all or even got some installation to hard drives...here are the details...


Laptop Scenario :

1. I boot up the dvd and didn't put any command

2. I got the loading screen ( which loads all the drivers and the bla2..some sort of loading... )

3. When it all finished loaded I got a perfecty frozen screen with bright blue colors...no background or text that loaded after that...and I suppose to do it over and over again by hoping that this thing will load as soon as possible...


Laptop specifications...

Intel Pentium M 1.73GHz

Memory 1.2GB

Intel® 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family


Now move to the desktop scenario problem...:

1. I boot up the dvd and I SUPPOSE to put "cpus=1" command because it will hung up if I didn't put it that way

2. I got the loading screen and everything works quite well except the firewire somehow ( set to full security @_@ )

3. I got the installation welcome screen and I proceed but why does my FAT32 drive can't initialize the same thing happen when I wanted to turn it to Mac(Journaled)...or any other else it said I/O Error...or something like that so I can't proceed to other one...and it might help my computer to restart again...


Desktop specifications...

Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4GHz

Memory 4GB - Initialized only 2.7GB ( Because of the VGA )

Zotac GeForce 8800GT AMP Edition

Zotac n780i Supreme ( n780i SLI Motherboard )


I'm really sorry to post this much because I'm perfectly a newbie here...


Thanks for the help!

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