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help? keeps rebooting


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I've downloaded ideneb and burned it on a dvd, installation starts... Then I couldn't see a hd and I choose disk utility by utilities and I format it: mac jornald or something like that, than partition, 1 partition, name osx, by properties MBR and partitionate. Than I can pick the hd, it works, it starts installing, it's finisched !




it doesn't launch when i do it normally, mostly it keeps showing the apple logo. When i launch with -v-x it works. I can give in my information, my address, my keyboard configuration and stuff like that but than he says please restart your computer, without reason. I once could enter my login stuff, username password, hint and so and than I saw creating account but then again : please restart your computer (in 5 languages)...


What do i have to do :) I installed already 10 times... Sometimes I can't fill in nothing, it keeps rebooting after install. And sometimes this.

Can anyone help me?


My configuration:

- intel Q6600

- Nvidia 8800GT 512mb

- hd 80gb

- 4gb ram

- asus P5N SLi retail


So someone please help me ! Am i doing something wrong?


Kind Regards,


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