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[GUIDE] iATKOS v4.1i on GA-EP35-DS4 (Rev 2.1) + 10.5.5 update


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I recently downloaded latest version of iATKOS v4.1i (10.5.4) & installed on Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 (Rev 2.1).


It is simple install & most of hardware works out of box (Except Audio).


Its new feature (Software Update Enabler) is amazing. I directly updated to 10.5.5 without any problem.



Here is installation Guide.




SELECT the following options (In addition to default selection)


1. iATKOS v4.1i Main System (Default)


2. Bootloader

2.1 Darwin EFI (Default)

2.2 Chameleon EFI


3. Additionl

3.1 Kernel -> 9.4.0 Stock

3.2 ACPI -> Stock ACPI Modified

3.3 SMBIOS Driver -> Apple SMBIOS netkas

3.4 OHR

3.5 Software Update Enabler


4. Drivers


4.1 If you have Nvidia Graphics card, then select appropriate EFI String for your card


VGA -> nvidia -> EFI String for Nvidia -> [select your card & memory ]

4.2 System -> SATA/IDE -> AHCI/SATA [ Select this ONLY if you have enabled AHCI in BIOS, otherwise select other appropriate option ]


4.3 Network -> None


5. Install the OS


6. Reboot & Do initial setup


7. Run Software update & update all the available software (including 10.5.5)


8. Reboot the PC & you will have latest 10.5.5.


9. For audio , use AppleHDA given in SWORD's guide.



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Hi, i have an EP35-DS4 and i tried your guide but it didnt work.

Please, could you help me and tell me if you changed anything in bios?


Did you try the iATKOS i5 on our motherboard?


Please, i need urgent help.


My exact config is:


Quad Core 2,40

2 maxtor 500GB sata2


and some extras...



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