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Been working on Leopard Install for 5 hours,


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I recently downloaded an iDeneb Distro of OSX 10.5.5. It's v1.3, and I have "wasted" 3 DVD-R's and 1 DVD+R trying to get this working. First off, I had to play with my Bios a little bit, because when I first booted to the CD, I would also get the "Computer needs to restart" error. I had to go into my Bios and turn off some SATA option for it to get passed that, even though I don't even use SATA. Now, everytime I try to install, I'll be 5 minutes away from completion, but then get "Source is damaged" error. Wtf is wrong? I've wasted quite some time on this trying to get this working. Anything you want me to get you to help me out here? I'll post my specs.


MOBO: Gigabyte K8NSC-939

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (Yes, it's SSE3)

Ram: 2GB DDR 400, (Currently Have 1GB for Install ATM)

Video: VisionTek x1550 Series

HDD: Western Digital Caviar 80GB IDE


I don't use SATA, everything is with IDE(big ribbon connectors), what do I have to edit to get this goddamn thing installed on my computer. What Bios settings, etc?

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