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ECS G43T-M, ECS G45T-M2, Gigabyte GA-Q35M-S2

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I was hoping someone could give me feedback on these motherboards. I am looking to build a second hackintosh for an old G4 case that my work is throwing out. The requirements I have are a mATX botherboard, at least 4 available RAM slots, Quad Core compatible, minimal hacking (i.e. EFI compatible and as vanilla as I can get it). My biggest concern is hacking. I would like this to be as painless as possible and as easy to set up as my current setup was.


My Question: I understand these are newer boards but has anyone successfully used them?


link: ECS G43T-M

link: ECS G45T-M2

link: Gigabyte GA-Q35M-S2


My current ECS 945GZT is incredibly compatible with OSx86. From my perspective, I have a near vanilla install that I've been using for around 1 year now. I created it with the BrazilMac instructions, Audio and SMBIOS patch, EFI v4.0 thru v8.0, and vanilla updates. I have been using a vanilla kernel ever since 10.5.1. I am hoping to have something as easy to use as this.


Thanks in advance!


Current System:


ECS 945GZT motherboard

2 Gbytes RAM

Pentium Dual Core E2160

Nvidia 7600GS PCI-E

2 Sata drives, 1 IDE drive, 1 IDE dvd-rw drive


Ideal New System (In this old PowerMac g4 case)

<motherboard TBD>

4 Gbytes RAM

Intel Q6700 Quad Core

Nvidia 8800GT 512 or Built-In video (TBD)

2 Satas drives, 1 Sata DVD-rw burner

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