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Kalyway on HP NW8440 w. ATI FireGL V5200


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today i have installed Leo with Kalyway on my NW8440 HP Mobile Workstation...


sofar so good... i found out that i have to set the CPU=1 to get Leo to boot up... else it hangs before starting the GUI...


so now i want to enable the ATI Graphicscard... and Sound and Network...


i found something about it ...






i have now installed the atiinject and the hpnx9420_atix1600mob_atiinject.kexts


also the




but after reboot i cant get again in Leo... in the moment where the screen should switch to the GUI the Screen goes up in glitches... a few Pixels are red the rest is blue and nothing anymore...


please someone can help to get again in... how can i delete the atinject kext??


and what can i use to get the graphics working??

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