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OS crashing when watching videos

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Hi all,


I have my OSX setup running relatively stable now except for the extremely aggravating problem with watching videos (or playing games) causing my system to hard-lock.


Specifically, this problem occurs while trying to watch videos using VLC (xvid, x264, whatever). Trying to multi task on the PC while the video is playing seems to exacerbate the problem, but it will still freeze eventually if I just let the video play and not do anything else. I've seen the "System must be restarted" screen pop-up once when it crashed, but usually I don't even get this. I've also experienced a system lock-up when playing around with the Second Life client.


I've tried checking the /var/log/messages log but nothing there seems to stand out. I've tried a few different kernels (currently using the voodoo 9.5.0 beta 2 kernel as it seems the most stable) but this hasn't made any difference. I normally run dual monitors, only using one monitor also doesn't appear to help. I'm limiting my memory to 3 GB as I've heard 4GB can cause problems with my chipset. Lastly, I've disconnected my PATA DVD-RW drive thinking it may have been causing problems, but alas this didn't help either.


I'm not sure what the problem is here and am running out of ideas. Would appreciate any help anyone may have. My current system specs can be seen in my signature.



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