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Dual Boot with Vista and Mac Os X iATKOS v4.1i


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after reading for days how to make a dual boot and beeing very confused because everyone had an oppinion about "HOW TO"... and after at least 15 unsuccesfull dualt boot attemps...with installing vista 1st mac 2nd and vice versa... i finally found a solution to this dual boot issues thingie.

Ived already tested this 4 times in a row and it was succesfull everytime.

It goes domething like this:

1st. ived installed Vista on the 1st partition from 3 existing.

2nd. after seeing that vista is up and running with no worries...iver rebooted the laptop and inserted Hiren's BootCd only to make a backup of vista ... cause i was very angry that i had to reinstall it over and over again... so ived booted from cd cloned my 1st partiton and save it on the 3rd one.(partition that is) ;)

3rd.now that my backup was finished ived rebooted and start installing the iATKOS v4.1.i over here as well after tens of trials i finnaly get it what ived needed to install in order to see the "damn " Apple loading.before installing iATKOS ived erased the 1st patition (vista)as fat

and the 2nd one as (journaled)

4th. now that mac os x was done ived inserted the hirens boot cd in dvd-rom drive, and restored with ghost the vista os on the 1st partition. now when i reboot and press any key to choose from boot options it works like a charm.

That's it. no ntldr editing no more command prompt stuffs :) ...

Enjoy !!!

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