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Can no longer boot from install DVD or HD's -> WIERD NUMBERS


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When I boot from the Kalaway DVD or my HD with 10.5.X it get's stuck at the very beginning of the booting sequence.


I get t a black screen with these characters.










Before getting this weirdness OS 10.5.2 worked perfectly except for the common issues.


Here is the history of my 10.5.x install that lead to this issue:

I have a 1tb hd with 3 partitions. One for OS 10.5.X testing one for working and one for free space.

Installed Kalaway 10.5.2 on first

Carbon Copyed it to the second partition.

updated the first to 10.5.5

Got a blue screen and thought it was a faliour.

forced reboot.

got the wierd number sequence.

Updated the BIOS.

Got to boot into the install DVD ok.


Got the wierd numbers again

reflasfed old BIOS


still have the wierd numbers.

reboot with XP install cd. Works ok


Got the blue screen

Took a log shower

Booted up fine while I was takin a shower

retasrted OS 10.5.5

stuck at thoes wierd numbers again.


I get the feeling that it is the PC EFI V8 that is some how corupted.




What do you think


Any known solution?


Yes I googled and found every thing except what I need:-)

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Next time you can get it to boot to the desktop, download and install the latest version of the Chameleon bootloader.


Use google to find it - the forum does not allow links to the Chameleon website for some reason.

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