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iatkos v4i Help needed


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I have managed to install iatkos V41 on my Dell D610 laptop using the paper clip trick and all went well. I installed with only the mbr patch and that seamed to go well.


The problems start when i restart after the install I get a kernal panic and it reboots the system, if i start up with the -v option i see the panic and then thats it nothing else system just locks up. Is there anyway to fix this?


System Specs:


Centrino 1.6 processor

2Gig Ram

Intel Graphics and chipset

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Try the iAtkos or JaS release, you might find this to be an easier starting point. Generally if the install CD boots and you get to all the installer options and it installs then you should be able to run OS X, it's just a matter of selecting the correct kexts (driver) files in the customize section of the installation screen.


I can tell you that if you use the search facility on this website you will find most of the answers you are looking for. Also google is good!

It does take a little research, but you will find if you put the effort in people will gladly help you, and also if you get OS X working the rewards are good compared to using windows.




Here is a topic, which is quite old with people stating that they have got this machine working. If you posted your system specs then it would be easier to get help as people could give you a rough idea on which bits of your hardware are compatible.



Also just found this on youtube



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I'd try the leo4all if you still haven't had any luck! Sorry for the delay in the reply, but your best chance is to try different distros and see which one works best. You could also try a OS X Tiger (maybe a JaS edition) if you still don't have any luck.


As a general rule of thumb, if you can boot the install DVD then you are half way there, it's just a matter of installing the right drivers for your system.


There isn't much information on your processor on the intel website so i cannot tell if its got sse3 or not. You'd need to run CPU-Z on a windows install and check because if it doesn't have sse3 then you'd have to install a kernel with sse2 support and sse3 emulation.


See if anyone else gives some more info on the subject.

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