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No QE/CI w/ Radeon x1600 AGP using Leo4Allv5 Drivers

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after 3 days in Kalyway 10.5.2, trying to get my graphics, networks, and I-dont-know-what running, I switched to Leo4All. I used the 10.5.4 Server version, and chose the ATi Radeon x1600 AGP drivers in setup. And it worked! Well, at least I can change resolutions and he detects that it's an AGP card (With Kaly I could change resolutions too, but only once and he said it was an PCI-Card :) ).

So where is the problem? Well, I have neither Quartz Extreme nor Core Image enabled. I have already tried several ways posted here to get it working, but none got it working. Here's my new Software specs:

Leo4Allv5 10.5.4 Server using 9.4.0 Non-Vanilla Kernel

PC-EFI (I don't know which version but it's the one from the Leo4All-DVD)

Apple vanilla SMBIOS

Fresh installation.


Thanks for any help,



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