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Best budget card with Quartz Extreme support?

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Hi Guys,

I am quite new to the OSX x86 experience, I have managed to install Leo4All 10.5.4 on my PC and everything works fine (Sound/lan/Sata) apart from the graphic card a GeCube HD3850, I have tried different packages, different Natit, adding it to the EFI list etc, I have even tried to install V 10.5.5 drivers, still corrupt video when I "supposedly" get to the OSX desktop, I can boot fine in -X mode and able to delete the relevant kexts but since I really want to get this thing working, I was wondering if anybody could help me in suggesting a budget PCIE graphic card either nVidia or ATI that will certainly work in OSX with full support of QE, I don't need it to play games in OSX just run the os and the few application that need QE acceleration.


Thanks a lot.


My Specs:


AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+


4gigs DDR2

Gecube HD3850 512mb

OnBoard LAN and SOUND

80gigs SATA Hitachi HD.

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