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Vaio sz420n


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Hey guys i recently have read over all sorts of stuff on this sight and the wiki on how to install and get working properlly.

I have a vaio sz420n laptop running a intel centrino duo with a intel 950 gma video card.


using iATKOS v4 i installed leopard and have tried to restart it many times. When i boot in verbos moe using darwin i get nor errors. this should be good and work. not.... So after it loads darwin and i see the grey screen with the apple and all the rest of that jazz i get a white screen that displays weird, and kind of darkish splotches of black. Ths scares me!!! I tried just installing the distro with the intell graphics card thing but this did not work. If i can get past this White screen of death i can figure out the rest. any help here would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: i think i might have to select a different kernel???

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