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I had Leo4All V3 on my old comp using an ASRock 4coreDual-Sata2 running fine with a E4300 C2D and 2gb ram. Video card is a 7950gt 256mb. OSX was installed on an old 160gb IDE, while my other HD was for XP.


I upgraded the mobo to the Gigabyte GA-P35-D3SL 2.0 a while back. I kept the drive with XP, but didnt install the 2nd HD right away. It still had OSX installed btw. Well last night I was bored and decided to throw in the other drive. To my total surprise OSX booted up fine. I'm in it right now. I didnt have to change a thing, a total motherboard swap with different bios settings, different NIC, different onboard audio etc and OSX still works like a charm. I was planning on wiping the drive and reinstalling OSX but I'm very pleased I didnt have to bother.


Actually the ALC888 wouldnt work. i know it probly needs a different driver compared to the old one. But I installed Oxtie's KXAudio for Audigy2 and that works like a charm now.


Usually if you replace a mobo and still want to use Windows as it was before you have to jump through a bunch of hoops. I just do a fresh install. Except with the onboard audio not working with the new board (which is fine because I'd much rather use my Audigy2), OSX from a previous install works great. Stupidly easy actually!

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