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how to install Mac os x 10.4.8 on Asus P5N-ESLI Motherboard


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i want to install Mac OS X tiger on my PC configuration is


Intel Core2Duo Processor

Asus P5nesli mainboard

Nvidia GeForce 7300gt Graphics Card

2 GB DDR2 Ram

two Seagate Sata Hard disks

TV Tuner Card (Pinnacle Pctv analog pci 110i internal)


sir i want to install Mac OS X Tiger on my PC ,so please help me to where can i find required Drivers

when i m trying to install,in disk utility there is no hard disk drives detected

please help.....................me sir


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I have a very similar mobo to you, although i'm a n00b to this whole osx86 stuff, i believe that you need an ide harddisk to install tiger 10.4.8. I used the JaS package with ppf1 and the install worked great, although i wasn't able to boot. I have now found out that i need the defiant disk utlity to repair the boot, which apparently comes in ppf2


Not sure what installer you are using, but the JaS one seems to be the best for this mobo on ide. I am hoping that once i fix the boot problem i will be able to get my sata drives working as well.


If you are keen for leopard i would recommend getting the iatkos release... apparently its the one for our mobo that works best with sata support. I tried a kalyway 10.5.2 release and it recognised by sata drives but didn't get that far with them.


Hope that helps alittle

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