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Sleep, then immediatly wakes up


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OS X version 10.5.3

Mobo - P5B

GFX - 8800GTS 640MB (used NV Installer)

Hard-drives - AHCI mode


Keyboard - Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard 2000

Mouse - Logitec MX518


So, when I put OS X to sleep, the system suspends and then immediately wakes up. Sleep seems to work but something is waking it up.


I had the same problem in Vista. What I did was, there are these options in Vista device manager that lets you select what devices can wake a system from sleep or something. I disabled it for Mouse and Keyboard, and after that sleep worked.

Here is an article describing the steps: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927821


I was wondering if there is anything like that for OS X leo.


I don't see any 'device manager' anywhere or I am not looking hard enough.



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