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i got a new way to hide SMS from your friends!


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it happens that your friends or girlfriend use your phone. but there are something personal like SMS that you don't want anyone else to see. iphone doesn't


have the feature of protecting privacy, which i need so bad. this happens several times, it is very humuliating! and i've tried several ways,but they didn't


work out well. by accident, i find a new way on the internet,which attacts me a lot. i've tried it and it does the job!


the new way is a software called MCleaner.

i believe that someone of you have the same problem with me, so i share it with you here.


the steps:

1. install "MCleaner";

2. go to "blacklist", blacklist the numbers that you have personal contacts.

3. go to "setting options---system settings" to set a password;

4. in "system setting", enable hide the true information when wrong password is input.


the blacklisted number send a SMS to me, the SMS can't be found in the iphone inbox, instead of that, it is in MCleaner, kept in "my logs". if you want to


check it, just go to MCleaner,input password( you must put the right one, or you'll get the false information) and it is done.


By the way, this app is also good at blocking spam messages and bothering calls. To those who have the problems, it is really a good one!

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