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Rearranging Data


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I recently installed Kalaway 10.5.2 on my eMachines T3106 and am dualbooting Vista Ultimate. Almost everything works flawlessly, with the exception of onboard ethernet. My problem now though is that my data for Windows and Leopard span all three hard disks (I sacrificed an optical drive to add the third one). The layout is as follows:


-------------------------Hard Drive 1--------------Hard Drive 2----------------Hard Drive 3

Partition 1:----------Vista Ultimate - (27GB)-----Data For Vista - (23GB)--Data For Leopard - (20GB)

Partition 2:----------OS X 10.5.2 - (10GB)-------Time Machine - (15GB)


Now I'd like to minimize the number of hard disks running per operating system, and give my Kalaway install more space for programs and media. I was thinking of rearranging my hard disks to look like this:


-------------------------Hard Drive 1----------------Hard Drive 2------------Hard Drive 3

Partition 1:----------Vista Ultimate - (37GB)-----OSX 10.5.2 - (38GB)---Time Machine - (20GB)


Could I just delete the OSX 10.5.2 partition, and extend the Vista partition to cover the whole drive? Then just format the second hard drive and install OSX.10.5.2 again? Finally just format the third hard drive and set it up for Time Machine? Also, could I just use EasyBCD to create a boot entry for OSX on the second hard disk, or is it more complicated? Any help would be appreciated, and sorry if I'm lacking information or am posting in the wrong section, as this is my first post.

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