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Installation problem with IMB/Lenovo R52


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Hi all,


I am trying to install OS X on my IBM R52 laptop. The specs are:

Intel Centrino SSE2 processor

Broadcomm NetXtreme ethernet driver

ATI Radeon graphics card

SoundMAX integrated sound card


I am using a iAKTOS 10.5.4 DVD. My problem is that while booting from the DVD (I used the -v option) after I get the "unable to mount /dev/disk01" errors (my windows partitions) my system freezes. It just shows a blue screen and nothing happens. The installer doesnt appear. The installer kicked in only once, and I installed Leopard, but when I boot into it, it restarts automatically midway. What could be the problem? Should I burn and use a different DVD? Please help me out.


Here is the link to my laptop specs on Lenovo's official website.




Thanks a lot!

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