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Quadruple Boot (XP/Vista/Kalyway 10.5.2/Leopard Retail 10.5.5)

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Advantage to this quadruple boot method:

  • This method makes the XP partition as C drive when in XP and the Vista partition as C drive when in Vista.
  • Uses method that can get Leopard Retail.
  • Have Kalyway to fix problem you have with the retail install.
  • Install in one drive.
  • Hard drive is MBR.
  • Easy to install if your an expert.

Note: You may require expert knowledge in computers in order to follow the steps. I may make a noob guide if many people have trouble following the instructions.


I have successfully installed XP, Vista, Kalyway 10.5.2, and Leopard all in one drive. It took me a few weeks to learn about installing Leopard. Before doing this, please backup all your files and I assume no risk to your computer, you, or anything around you and your computer’s radius of at least 100 km.

  1. Using any partition program such as Acronis, partition your hard drive to 4 partitions. Partition the XP and Vista partition as NTFS while partition the 2 Mac’s partition as ext3. Set all partitions as primary and the Vista partition as active.
  2. Install Vista to the Vista partition by inserting your Vista installation CD and booting it. After installation, go to Disk Manager in Vista, set the XP partition as active.
  3. Install XP by inserting your XP installation CD and booting it. You will see your XP drive as C drive during installation. After installation, go in XP and copy the files boot.ini, ntldr, and ntdetect.com from your XP drive (C drive) to your Vista partition. Then set your Vista partition as active in Disk Manager. Restart computer.
  4. The restart should enter Vista. Set up EasyBCD and add XP. You should select the drive as C:\ when adding XP to the OS selection.
  5. Install Kalyway to the Kalyway partition you set as ext3. You will need to use Disk Utility in the installation to the format the partition.
  6. After installation enter the Kalyway Leopard and install Leopard retail. I use the instructions here. But before you do it, the instructions won’t let you install Leopard since your hard drive is MBR. Do not fear because you can edit your retail disk to allow MBR installation here. Just follow instructions from Part A to C.
  7. Boot to Acronis (or any disk utility) and set the Vista partition as active.
  8. Boot to Vista. Add Mac OS to EasyBCD
  9. And you now can boot off all 4. To boot to Leopard or Kalyway, select the Mac OS selection you added in step 8 when you boot the computer.

Some problems you may face that are fixable.

  • XP does not boot properly. Google to find the fixes.
  • When selecting Leopard in the boot menu, sometimes it’s a blank screen and goes back to the boot menu. It’s a common problem for EasyBCD and my computer. Just press F8 after you press enter on it. Then it goes to Darwin bootloader where you can select the 2 Mac partitions. Please tell me if you don’t have such problem.

If you have any problems, feel free to ask for help through posts.


I am looking for people who have also tried it to tell me the result. Feedbacks and thanks are appreciated. :)

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I've read you have a p35-ds3r, can you please post the boot 132 image that you used



I did not have to use it. What step are you on?


If you are trying to follow the 6th step, only use steps A to C in the link provided. I changed the wording of the step so it is less confusing.

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