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Gigabyte M912X Tablet Mac $799


Look like a good tablet mac to do?  

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Hello there. I looked to see anyone picked up on this gem here in Insanelymac. I was looking at new laptops to do a hackintosh install (already got it on my P5W DH desktop here), and stumbled on this....


This guy isn't posting details on how he did it or his story of doing it. Just one youtube video. Any thoughts on this laptop/tablet, and any other laptops that are in this price range that are nearly OOB working? Also I wonder if that webcam works in that tablet. Thank you!


P.S. I do not know this guy & I am not spamming his post.


Gigabyte's Spec List:



Slashgear first reported:



Youtube video (kind of a lame show off):



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I have ordered mine, the best thing about this little book is the WXGA 1280x786 resolution - pretty great for an 8.9"


I wonder if he used ideneb 10.5.5 to install, nice if they would give details rather than just show off on the video.





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