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Looking for drivers: HP Pavilion dv9750EJ, plus some general questions

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Hello everyone,

It's the first time I'm installing OSX, so I would appreciate your help!

I'm going to install it on a HP pavilion dv9750EJ (here are the spec http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...product=3668106 )

And here are some more details about my computer:




Here are some questions I have before installing it:


1) I got the iDeneb_v1.3_10.5.5_ISO. Should I burn it as a normal ISO file, or with special parameters? (Is this release is English language?)


2) All the drivers that are included on it will automatically be installed, or do I have to look for each one and install it (How will I know which one would suit me)?


3) If some drivers I need are not found on the iDeneb release, can I install them after installing OSX?


4) Will the Bluetooth work "out of the box"?


5) Where do I get the latest audio drivers (I heard that azilia might suit me, is that true? where do I get it?)?


6) I would still like that Vista would be my main system, and I would also have the possibility to boot into OSX. Here is a screencap of my harddrives:


How much free space do I need to run OSX smoothly, and if I need to dedicate more space into drive D, how do I do it on Vista?


7) During the OSX installation in Disk Utility, what is exactly "Journaled"? Again, how much space should I dedicate? Will it create another partition?


I really appreciate your help!!! Thanks in advance!



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