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What does the ResDaemon do?


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I've just installed iAtkos v4i on my Dell XPS M1330 laptop. After some tuning it works fine except one thing.

A daemon program named /usr/bin/ResDaemon access disk so frequently that my hard drive makes a very annoying clucking sound.

It worried me the hard drive will fail 10 times faster than it should be.

After I removed the program and killed the process, I found the following messages in the Console:

com.apple.launchd[138] (org.nawcom.ResDaemon) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

com.apple.launchd[138] (org.nawcom.ResDaemon[3204]) posix_spawnp("/usr/bin/ResDaemon", ...): No such file or directory


Anybody has idea what does this program do?

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Hi i got the same problem. With iAtkos V7.


Noticed a lot of harddrive access and looked with fseventer. It showed that the file /private/tmp/Resolution is accessed very often (3 times per second).

by killing the resdaemon the access stops and i noticed no other changes.


So how do i disable the daemon permanently? Or change it not to access the drive so often?






login root


cd /usr/bin/

mv ResDaemon ResDaemon.bak


simply renamed - it doesn't respawn. now rebooting and hoping^^




booted very well with no errors ... and even the speed of the drive is better now.



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