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Installing Leopard to a single drive ? On Dell Latitude D610


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Hi there guys,


I have looked through the forum, but cant find any relevant info about loading the software to a single drive.


Basically I have brought an additional HD and caddy for my laptop, so I can effectivley swop them out for one another - idea being I have XP on one and OSX on the other - can anyone give me an idea as to how I should go about this - as at present I am having the following issue:


1. Booted DVD (first time install)

2. Loaded up fine , asked for language, drive to asign, veryfied disc etc.... then said that it was unable to find a specific file and to restart.

3. Since this everytime I have tried to reboot, i get the apple screen (black on white) then it goes to a solid blue screen and nothing esle (not even the rotating colour disc)


Any ideas what this could be ?


I have tried using the following (f8, -s, -uw /, movevideodrivers) but with no success - it just seems very odd to me that it would be a graphic issue, as the first time around it loaded fine



any help would be much appreciated !

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i read up on the wire trick, which solved the blue screen issue, and allowed me to install everything OK


the computer then said it needed to restart, but I cant figure out how to access OSX now ?


if i just let the comp boot up normally it says b0 error, and freezes


any ideas ?

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