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Losing/Changing IP address, Netgear GA311, please help


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Well I've been able to get everything working except for my ethernet.


I'm running an Asus P5N-D, which does not support on-board ethernet. So I went out and purchased a Netgear GA311 NIC.


In case anyone isn't sure this card uses a Realtek chip set and according to the wiki hardware guide is compatible. I went with the Realtek driver during my Kalway install.


The OS recognizes the card and is able to pull an IP address. The internet works fine anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Than it will pull a new ip address from my 2wire 2800HGV-B gateway, this is what ATT gave me.


Once it aquires this new IP address which is way out of the range that DHCP is setup for, the internet stops working.


I've tried running a linksys router behind the gateway and than plugging my pc into that to act as a buffer so the address it pulls it coming from the DHCP server of the linksys but still it loses the address.


I'm starting to think that this might be a problem with the 2wire gateway and MAC OS. However I have not been able to find anything in the way concerns with this on their website.


If anyone has an idea of what to try next I would love to hear it.



Forgot to mention that prior to adding the Netgear card, my onboard NIC was doing the same thing, minus it actually being able to connect to the internet. But it would pull the correct DHCP address and than later would pull one that was out of range. I since than have disabled the onboard NIC and have done a reinstall of kalway.


Thanks in advance,


Dan :(

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Well I finally got my leo4All V3, up and running. Man what a chore compared to kalway. Anyhow ethernet still drops internet after about 200 meg downloads.


Not sure maybe I should try one of those usb wireless nics. Anyone else think about giving that a try for this problem?

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