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Slightly better way to deal with authentication problem


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Hi all,


I'm not sure what the status is with this project, but I'm able to use the beta2 version of CPUThrottler2 pretty nicely with my Pentium-M laptop and the voodoo kernel. I've found a little cleaner way to deal with the authentication problem by using the UNIX suid bit on the executable. This is a file attribute that will run the app with the permissions of the file owner.




Change the owner of the binary to root:


sudo chown root:wheel /Applications/CPUThrottler2Beta2.app/Contents/MacOS/CpuThrottler2


Change the permissions to include the SUID bit:


sudo chmod 4755 /Applications/CPUThrottler2Beta2.app/Contents/MacOS/CpuThrottler2


Now you should be able to run the app without a password, and it also will not bother you every 5 mins. It's defintely less of a security risk than the suggested fix of disabling the admin timeout. Since you don't need to enter a password on start, it works fine as a Login Item.


Hope this helps. Thanks to SaberSHO for this util!



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