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Installing OS X86 without damaging windows


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Hi all,


Ive had one hell of a weekend and instead of my usual gungho attitude ive decided to ask for help (im not spending a whole day restoring from my backups again)




I installed kalyway 10.5.cant remember probably 2, I accidentally removed my windows partition when i first installed it in my eagerness to get back to using OS X, eventually I managed to get it to boot, however i broke it again as i was desperate to get something on the machine that works. So i put windows back on it.


now here comes the question.


Is there a way to get the disk utility in os x86 to see either empty space on my hard drive (one 30gb partition and 40somethingGB in unpartitioned space) or get disk utility to see any other kind of partition that can be created in windows?


i have partition magic and can format in fat32/fat/ext X(linux)


I have read that people have managed to format partitions that have "0XAF" whatever that is, with acronis and disk utility has managed to read said partitions, i have several problems with this, 1) will OS X 10.5.X be ok with this? 2) will it affect my windows partition? 3) if OS X manages to see it, will it be able to boot fine?


Sorry if this has been asked already, i just refuse to go through the past few days again.






Ive just found another sata hard drive for my laptop so i dont need to tear my windows partition apart again.


but i would like to be able to have dual bootability on one machine rather than swapping hard drives every time i want another OS.


so if anyone has any thoughts on my OP then please post them.





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