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problems after installation,gray screen


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First of all, Im a total noob and Im doing this for the first time so please dont hate me ... too much XD

And again first of all:


Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L rev 2.0

Intel core 2 duo E6550

GeForce 8500GT

Wester Digital WD5000AAKS-6


Hm, so, I used parted magic (latest version at this time, really dunno the exact version) and I couldnt make HFS+ (from the list of options FORMAT TO in Gparted in parted magic just HFS+ and UFS cant be selected) so I first installed Windows Vista, via Vista's installation I deleted 1 partiotion and created 2 (one with NTFS for Vista and other one I dindt format at the moment) and installed Vista on first and it all went ok. After that I started iAtkos v4 dvd and via its disk utility formated it to HFS+ and than installed iAtkos (but i didnt go with "-nforce_core -v" ,just a normal install). After that when i tried to load iAtkos and it just shows gray screen with apple and loader, and after few minutes hard disk stops loading and dvd doesnt load and it goes on without any progress I waited about 10 minutes I think, maybe i should wait more? After that I tryed varios booting -nforce_core -v & -nforce -v & toh -v or -x or -x -legacy -v (after some tutorial about nVidia GeForce drivers) or -v and in the end i couldnt get it start. And when I boot with -nforce_core -v or -nforce -v i get the "run time corruption detected. fsck forced next mount". So, after that i tried repairing from iAtkos installation disk utility ,hm i cant remeber there is two kind of repairing and i tried them both (sry cant really remember). That didnt help too and so I tried installing iAtkos again and same thing happened.

So, after the 6 hours of trying to fix it i found out that there is some kernel issues about my video card (if i got it wrong) and that i should use kernel (vanilla i suppose) and im not really sure how I do that :/ and im asking you, about my configuration what I need first (before installation) and than which installation you recommend and etc. so it could work. And please if there's any chance if I need to do kernel installation and such stuff to have more information or tutorial about how to install it exactly from the begining (sorry if im asking for too much).


I dont know what else to say, if you need more info about my computer or whatever let me know and sorry for not posting it i tried to get all the info i could.


Thanks in advance, and thanks to all of people providing iAtkos, hackintosh etc.

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