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Monitor does not resync after reboot


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This seems to be a rather odd problem


Occasionally after reboot my monitor will not resync with my video card. This occurs at the bios level and all through the boot process. Upon reboot the monitors power button stays green (when working correctly it should turn Amber for a moment upon reboot) but no image will be displayed. However if I pull the monitors power cord and plug it back in it will resync with the video card and all images will be displayed, unplugging the VGA cable or pressing the monitors powerbutton does not work. I only have this problem with my LCD that only has a VGA connector requiring DVI to VGA adapter from my video card. But it does not occur with either of my CRTs and I have no DVI LCD monitors to test with. I should also note this LCD did not have any problems with my older hackintosh.


Does anyone know if there can be sync issues using a DVI to VGA adapter with some LCD screens and/or video cards? I would get a new LCD that has a DVI port but I want to make sure it would correct the issue, since CRT's do work reliably I am somewhat hopeful.


System Specs

19" Hitachi LCD

Sapphire Radeon HD3870

Gigabyte GA-EG31M-S2L Motherboard

2GB DDR2 800

Pentium Dual Core e2180

Jas 10.5.4 Leopard Install

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