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nVidia GeForce 6200 Turbo Cache + NVInstaller


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After a few weeks, I've managed to Install succesfully Leo4All on my Asus A8N-SLI Premium (Without any driver at all. No Network, no sound, no graphic card) just the old nForce chipset driver.

Yesterday searching on Google and here, I found my Network card driver (Marvell Yukon) and the AppleAzaliaAudio (I have ALC850, but that driver works perfectly) so the only one that wasn't installed was the graphic driver.

Then, I continued my search on the web, and found the NVInstaller for nVidia graphic card, I've installed it and reboot but Leopard doesn't started, it gets stucked on one line that I don't remember (I'm gonna look right away).


The thing is, that when I try to start Leopard with -v & -x, it starts without any problem... And the graphic card driver works, because I can tell the difference between the no-graphic-driver-installed-graphics and those ones. I can even switch resolutions on screen preferences (when the driver wasn't installed I couldn't) so it's very weird.



What should I do? Because when I start on safe mode, the graphic driver works perfectly, but others driver don't (Network for example); and when I start on normal mode, doesn't start at all...





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Here's the lines that appears when I start Leopard on verbose mode:


"BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task


Mac OS version:



Kernel version:

Darwing kernel version 9.2.0: Sun Mar 2 00:35:29 SCT 2008 made by TOH: xnu-1228/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I836

System model name: System product name"




See ya

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To try something, I've uninstalled NVinject.kext, and installed Titan.

Now it works like before, I have no problem entering Leopard, but I cannot change resolution on Display preferences, and also, iTunes can't show me CoverFlow (I think it's because non Graphic Driver is installed)


How can I fix it?

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