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10.5.2 boot issues on HP dv9008xt - have searched


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Hi everyone,


this is driving me nuts i have a hp dv9008 laptop from late 06 in Australia. it runs a g73m chipset from what i can gather from scouring the internet and a t7200 processor.


i have partitioned the hard drive and installed 10.5.2 using the kalyway iso and the vanilla kernal.


Everything appears fine during the install process it does its thing installs onto the Mac formatted drive the boot loader works to allow OSX selection then it fails to a you need to restart your computer screen.


i've booted it using the verbose mode and everything appears to be fine as boots until it gets to my on board firewire where the first error messsage comes up as -


ERROR: FireWire unable to determine security-mode; defaulting to full secure


which doesnt seem unreasonable but its shortly after this it fails its boot - but it doesn't always stop on the same diagnostic line.


it appears the final thing it does before it pack it in is throw out:


localhost dumppanic[45]: error getting a reference to IODeviceTree:/options

localhost Directoryservice[47]: Launched version 5.2

localhost Directoryservice[47]: Warning - dstouch: file was asked to be opened </library/preferences/directoryservice/.DSIrunning>; (File exists)


then it appears to start the login window applications and then 1 - 5 lines after that the boot stops and it requires a restart.


ANy help would be appreciated.





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