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Help a hopeless newbie out?


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Ok so I have the Asus M2N-MX-SE(not SE Plus) and Ive used EVERY AMD distro avail.


The only one that actually boots into GUI is Zepyroth (i think that's how u spell it) but I cant get my networking to work. Ive tried at lest 8 diffrent versions of Nforce4 drivers and none of them work. (even with the kext helper/loader)


and all the other distros get stuck @ something that has to do with DNS stuff.



I was just wondering if anyone had had any luck with my mobo or chipset. I really dont want to get a PCI ethernet because I also have windows to boot from, and I cant get a usb adapter thing to work because nothing works from usb (except my printer for some reason...)



so... I guess this is where I finish. If you want to know specifics just let me know


Quick update!


I just found about "i-Deneb" im gonna try that

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