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Freeze after wakeup if Wifi is off?


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I've installed iatkos v4 on my X60 with a Atheros wifi card(not sure about the chip,EVE says 5001X and OSX86TOOL says 5212,in sys profiler it is "AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x58A)")


the newly installed sys doesn't see this card until I replace the IO80211Family.kext and the IONetworkingFamily.kext with those form a post on thinkpads.com by bozilla named "iATKOS 4i (10.5.4) Guide for T60p (2007-CQ8) 1400x1050". However those won't actually work(can not connect to a WPA Enterprise network,however can connect to a open one),so I then replaced them with Kexts form somewhere else I can't recall now, then it can connect to the WPA Enterprise network however something weird happens.


that is if I put it to sleep without turning the wifi on, the gui freeze after wake. However if the wifi is on everything ,at least seems okay.


Sorry for my bad english and Any suggestion is appreciated~

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