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XP and iATKOS V4.0i almost there

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Hello All,


I have been reading the forum for awhile now and have final decided to post. I need a little help and have not found it through the search path; so here we go.

  1. Am i out to lunch trying to install OSX86 on my system? (if yes, then the next questions will not matter :) )
  2. I have a dual boot XP installation running and iATKOS installed but blanking out just before loading which leads me to believe that my gfx card is not supported or that the monitor range is out. The install goes through all of is motions which leads me to believe that i am on the right track but am missing something. I have used all of the different arguements -v -x -F and still get the same results.

Any help is grealty appreicated.



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