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Perfect Install P5K-Pro


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Finished up my second Hackintosh today - first time was failure about a year ago on an AMD.


my set up includes:

P5K-Pro - bios version 0806

4 HD - 3 Sata (1 wd 1tb, 1 seagate 160 - ntfs, 1 wd-250) & 1 pata (wd 320)

1 dvd burner - pata liteon (sorry it's a pia trying to get to the box after putting everything back in to see the model)

2 external hd - 1 esata on a tt blackx - 500GB - ntfs and 1 usb generic case w 250 ide wd - ntfs formatted

wireless mouse & kb - MX3000

2gig gskill pc8500

core2duo e4600 2.4ghz - no oc attempts yet

8600gt - 256


i used kalyway 10.5.2

most options at default except i used the vanilla kernel, intel memory controller and nvinject-256. i've got full audio, full gigabit ethernet, full video support - this thing is just like a real mac!


my first install was to the ide drive but it was too slow for me so i pulled out an extra sata drive and installed to that. and got a good boost in the install and boot speeds. benchmark showed up to 4x performance boost between the ide and sata. i do have it in ahci mode also. i was surprised that it worked using mixed ide and sata since i've read about people having problems mixing them.


so far i'm loving it. everything works fine. i've got wine running some apps without a hitch - mainly agent and it works better than in ubuntu.


time machine works fine also. my ipod touch syncs perfectly. networking with my pc's is smooth. i can't believe how easy this has been!


thanks kaly and everyone offering tips here!

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What does it show in the System Profiler??


Mine reads everything off my Systemboard, I used DMICFG to edit all the settings on the board, including the serial number, Serial number and Rom Bios Version!! This means I run Vanilla AppleSMBIOS.kext with NO AppleSMBIOSEFI!!

As soon as it get the Audio sorted, THIS should be just as perfect!?


Great build, think of upping the memory especially if you are considering running stuff like VMware.....



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it's been so long since i've really used a mac that i've forgotten how to do a screen cap.


i'm running 10.5.2

the model name is just Mac

the model id is P5K Pro

would that be a bad thing?


boot rom is MP11.005CB08


i have come in to one glitch so far and it's only with the esata drive. after copying a few gigs it loses connection. also i can't mount it unless i boot with it turned on. on my first install everything seemed to work fine (when i installed to the IDE hd). i used the mac install from it to make the back ups to the esata drive. now copying back i get errors after a few min. no other sata drives are giving me any problems. it may just be the blackx acting up. at first i thought it was ntfs-3g acting up but my other ntfs drives - both internal sata and usb - weren't experience any problems.


i'll prob get a new esata enclosure to see if the problem lies with the enclosure, drive or the os.


reboot, shutdown and sleep are all working flawlessly so far - something i could never get on most of my windows pcs lol!


i don't think i'll be using any virtualization atm. i've got a second hd that has vista on it just in case i don't feel like turning on my gaming pc to do some work i can't do with the mac.

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