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Cares to be taken before flashing the BIOS

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All of us use modded BIOS to run OS x86 on our PCs. For that we change/edit/flash the original BIOS of our motherboard.

For that I need some HELP from experts. Im planning to buy either Asus P5Q Pro or MSI P45 Platinum. For that I need to use the modded BIOS to get OS x86 work.


Flashing or changing or editing the BIOS, I have never done such things in my life before. All the BIOS modifiers say to do it on our won risks. Because of improper knowledge and lack of guidance, I don't want to screw my newly purchased motherboard. Who will do it?


So I kindly ask the experts and experienced to please guide me from start how to use modified BIOS to install OS x86. I've found files for both mobos I've listed.


For MSI P45 Platinum the filename is- a7512mod.110

And for Asus P5Q Pro the filename is- P5Q_PRO_1004_Modded_by_BiTRiP.ROM


(I've extracted those from winrar archiver.)


Can someone please guide me-


1) How to start?

2) What precautions to take?

3) If we screw, how to recover original BIOS ? In this case how to take backup of the original ?


Looking forward to the support.

Thanks in advance. :(

Waiting for reply...

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we dont all juse hacked bioses you can install osx on all mainboards . Some main board just nead a hack to get all cores detected in osx. Dangerus is you flash a wrong bios in your mobo you could kill it.


I second that, I'm not using a modded bios, and I have both cores. I also have a retail version of leopard.

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