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Another Topic about Dual Booting Problems


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Nice to be here, it's been a frustrating couple of days, and by brain is fried, so please, bear with me.


A friend turned me on to installing Leo4all, so I figured "Well, I've got a free partition just for this sort of thing, let me try it."


Long story short, I ended up with no computer since last Wednesday (For anybody browsing in the future, it's Saturday. BTW, do they have HDDs measured in TBs in the future? Just wondering...), and I've finally managed to get all of my important data stored and Windows XP reinstalled. I also have Leo4all installed, but as of right now it's not booting.


Right after I installed OSX, I managed to boot it and it ran great, so I doubt it's a problem with the installation itself.


I've got the D:\chain0="Mac OSx9000" line at the end of my boot.ini, but when I select it during startup, my computer just restarts without any warning. (My windows installiations are on the D:\ drive, that's just the way it is. For the record, C is backed up data and F is mac.)


I did a search through the forums, and I saw a bunch of people talking about bootloaders and stuff... I don't have any such programs, and I couldn't quite figure it out through reading. I hate to sound like an idiot by asking you guys to spell it out for me, but I'm at the point where I'm just glad I have a GUI running, you know?


I'll be glad to provide more information like hardware specs, but I'm really tired of typing right now, so I'm gonna reinstall all the programs that I lost and stuff like that, you know? I'm DEFINITLY not just going to go watch SNL and go to sleep, okay?

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