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Help with Leopard on Intel HEL80


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Hi! I know, it's my first post, and already asking stupid questions...


I've read a few posts and tutorials how to install Leopard on Intel based computers, but honestly...i'm not familiar with MAC technology.

I've downloaded and burned the image on to DVD and succesfully booted into Setup menu. I've crated the Leopard (Jurnaled) partition and istalled MacOSx on. When the installation restarts the computer the boot never starts...it gets to black screen and it doesnt move. I'm guessing that i've missed some part of what-to-do while installing (some hach for Intel or smthing?).


Can anyone please write line-to-line guide how i make it work? I know, i'm n00bish, but i think i'm not the onlyone with that problem...


Any help would be aprishiated...




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