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I installed iATKOS v4.1i on my pc, dual boot with vista... I am still searching for my LAN drivers (I have Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet model 5750A1), and i somehow installed my graphic card drivers (I have nVidia GeForce 6600GT graphic card), although it was strange to me that after i installed them my screen started to blink and it was blinking for a minute or two and than it stoped, and from that moment it never blinked again... Now i have another problem.. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse (I have Logitech LX300 wireless keyboard and mouse combo) and whenever i try to use my keyboard (of course in Leopard) my system freezes... And sometimes when i boot into leopard my mouse freezes and i have to restart my pc to make it work... But the real problem is my keyboard.. I cannot even try installing a driver i found that may work with my network card, because i have to enter a command in the terminal but i can't because of my keyboard... It FREEZES my system. I've tried a keyboard and a mouse with a wire but it also freezes my system. Can someone help me find a solution to my problem??? I'd be very thankful. I am posting my computer configuration also in case you need it, and the settings that i've selected when i installed leopard, so here they are:



Motherboard - MSI 975 Xtreme Platinum

CPU: Intel® Pentium® D Dual Core 3.00GHz

RAM: Kingmax 4 X 512MB = 2048MB 667MHz

Graphic card: nVidia GeForce 6600 GT 256MB RAM

Hard disk: WD 250 GB SATA II

RAID Controller: JMicron



iATKOS Main System

Chameleon Bootloader

Stock acpi modified

applesmbios iMac

software update enabler


Remove thermal kexts


Intel ICHX Sata




P.S. If someone also has a solution for my network card problem i would be happy to know it. PLEASE HELP ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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