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calling Asus P5Q Pro owners

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After some research I've decided to buy Asus P5Q Pro. Planning to install Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2 using modded BIOS. So I call you all owners of this mobo share your experience here.


Can I dual-boot Vista (64 bit) and Leopard on it ?

How stable is Mac os x86 on it ? Any crashes, freezes, errors after installation ?

Is anything onboard working ? Mention if some path work is needed.


Audio ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?)

LAN ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?)

sata ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?)

IDE ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?)


Please post latest link to the modded BIOS and patches (whenever needed).


Waiting for reply.

Thanks in advance. :D

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I would like to know aswell..


I am considering purchasing an asus p5q pro, 9800gtx+, e8500 and 4gb of mushkin ram..


Will all of these work with osx86?


Is there a suggestion for another motherboard around the ballpark of the p5q pro that would be easier to install? I would also like a good overclockable board as i plan on getting the e8500 past 4.0ghz.


I also need to make sure lan, mic, headphones and all audio jacks will work.



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Ahoy! Am using a P5Q pro MB with Kalyway Osx86 installed. Works fine except for:


Audio ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?) - No, needs the appropriate kext files - P45 not well supported at all!

LAN ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?) - No, No kext files available yet - Your best bet is to buy a cheap USB wireless adapter

sata ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?) - Yes, works fine .. in fact, you need to have a SATA HDD and a SATA DVD drive in order to install Kalyway

IDE ? (yes/no) (needs patch ?) - No, needs the appropriate kext files.


You can find links to the Sound and IDE 'patches' on the forums. Sorry I don't have the links for you...but they're easy enough to find!


All of my Q6600 cores work fine alongside my RAM. Remember you will need a SATA HDD + DVD drive in order for Kalyway to work as a DVD install.

I will also suggest that you download a modded .ROM file for your bios, as Kalyway will not work with the ASUS bios'.


Hope this helps.

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About a half hour ago I just got my machine up and running w/ p5q-pro


I used the JAS 10.5.4 server/client install w/ modified bios and MAC BIOS profile found here:


Follow this solution for the "Do you already own a Mac" issue if you have it.


I'd like to make a guide, but I'm still a beginner in this arena.


Machine Specs:


-Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Wolfdale 3.16 Ghz

-Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive (Also have another 300GB Maxtor loaded)

-G.Skill 4G (2x2GB) 240-pin PC2 8000

-NVidia Geforce 7350 LE ** I purchased an 8600 GT for the build originally but I'm having some issues with the drivers for it in Linux (I'm a linux man primarily). I just don't feel like swapping it out when switching operating systems--the 7350LE works on all of them

-HP w2207h monitor via HDMI

-Obnoxious case that has a blue light in it--seemed like a good idea at the time :)


-->Currently multibooting Ubuntu 8.10 (w/ XP-pro 32-bit via virtualbox), OSX 10.5.4, & Vista 64 (w/ LinuxMint64 & OpenGEU64 via virtualbox)

-->Tested xp-pro 64--worked but I was too lazy to find drivers

-->Tested many other Linux distros with consistent success


The LAN definitely doesn't work, so I'll probably just install a cheap card, TBD

The audio isn't working as of yet, but from what i've gathered, there are solutions available--I'll take care of that this week, hopefully (open to suggestions!). Graphics card works and all other hardware recognized and stable, as far as i know. HOWEVER, it did randomly shut off on me once..not sure what caused it..hardware? I don't know, i might have had a mental relapse and imagined it.


Now I'm trying to multiboot with OSX on my HP dv2845se, not having a real fun time...


Good luck with the build and multiboot!

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