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Driver Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver


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When I find the drivers for my pc??? I have iDeneb v1.1 10.5.4 on HP Pavilion DV6625EL. Drivers not found are: audio (Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver); touch pad quick play; disk drive for CD-DVD!!! Please help me!!!




You need to know which version of the RealTek audio model you're using - check your PC's owner's manual, or search the web if it's not visible in Windows (hardware manager thing in Control Panel). Once you know the model (for example alc888) you can search this forum for a solution.


Also search for the touch pad solution in the forum.


Any SATA DVD-R should work. If you have an IDE DVD-R, you might be out of luck - you can get in inexpensive IDE>SATA adapter but I don't think it would fit inside a laptop though.


But you need to be nore specific with your information if you ask for help, and use the search facilities here. And Google has helped me more than once.

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