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ATTN AppleHDA Gurus. ALC269 eeepc 1000H driver - REWARD!

Toonces Katt

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Ok, My brain is fried from going over the patching process over and over again. There are a few people that have made progress on the ALC269 but none have yet to produce a working sound solution. Since you all do this in your spare time for free, I thought I would offer a little incentive to the first person that can create a fully working (Internal Speakers, both internal mics, headphone jack, mic jack) AppleHDA.kext to be used with AppleHDAEnabler for the Asus EEE PC 1000H running OS X 10.5.5. The working AppleHDA.kext must be posted here for testing and the first person to post a verified working on the 1000H codec will receive the reward. For reference on where things are at the moment, this thread has the most up to date information. I am also attaching a linux codec dump from an EEE PC 1000.


Ok, so what is the reward for the mental anguish and editing of plists? I am a US based seller of Art Lebedev Studio products. I just received stock of one of their new products that will undoubtedly be of interest to those who use OS X. The Folderix USB drive! If you're not sure what the heck that is, check it out on their site HERE. I will ship, completely free of charge, one brand new, sealed in the package, folderix USB drive in the color of the winner's choosing (colors are limited to those that are shown on the site. Namely Blue, Yellow or Purple). Below is a picture of 3 of the Folderix drives together so you can see that I do have them. The winner will receive one of the drives in that picture.




These other 2 pics are of my personal Folderix drive that I had a friend laser engrave with a Hackintosh logo on the front and a small Apple logo on the back. the winner will not be receiving this drive but I thought it turned out pretty cool and I wanted to show it to people that might appreciate it :D




Lastly, here's the linux dump from an EEEPC 1000.



Hopefully, one of you AppleHDA gurus out there will make short work of this and I will soon be sending off one of these cool drives and enjoying wonderful video and sound streaming from my slingbox over wifi to my mini macbook air......


And yes, I will pay for shipping of the prize to the winner anywhere that USPS will deliver. This contest is NOT limited to residents of the US :rolleyes:


Hope to hear from you soon!



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