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Kalyway, Ubuntu, and WinXP


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Right now I have two hard drives. One has winXP running on it.


What I want to do is install both Ubuntu and Kalyway on the other drive. Can this be done? Has anyone else here done this?


What I mainly want to know is this:


Is Kalyway going to mess with the boot block of the XP drive? I know it'll mess with the boot block on the drive it's on, but will it even *touch* (write to) the XP drive?


And which should I install first, Kalyway or ubuntu?


And will the Ubuntu boot loader know what to do with Kalyway or do I have to tell it or something?


(BTW yes. my hardware can do this, I bought it specifically to be able to run kalyway- i have an asus p5e-vm.)



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