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can i boot osx x86 10.4.4


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Hey to u all

i'm new here

my question is: from u're expirience,with the hardware i have, can i install osx x86 10.4.4?

i mean clean install couse i dont have alot of knolege with kext and stuff.

this is what i have


cpu: amd 3200+ (vanice core)

mobo: gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra-939

drives: 80g westerndigital sata

160g westerndigital sata

1g ram


on my 80g drive i have: 1 partition for XP, another that i saved for osx (35g) and another xp partition witch i use for audio editing.


thanx and sorry for my english

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No expert here, As I don't use SATA at this precise moment, but I would just try to install via vmware maybe? But I figured I would answer, as no one else has! But I'm not sure how to get SATA recognized.




Oh and btw: There's an edit button :-P

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